Llama Spit Victim

OK, this picture exaggerates the problem a bit, but llamas, like camels, do spit occasionally. Llamas generally only spit on each other to establish superiority, to aid in stealing food, show anger or frustration, or as a defense. Females often "spit off" aggressive males. It's called spitting only because that is the way it appears to be ejected from the llama's mouth. The accompanying sound is more like that of coughing. Although the term suggests saliva, llama spit is actually partially digested stomach contents having a smell so foul that one would think it should be brown instead of green. In quantity, it is usually less that a tablespoonful.

When a llama is spit upon, the accompanying smell sickens him enough to curb his appetite. When a human is spit upon, it has the affect of sending him running for the nearest shower. Fortunately this does not happen often, and if one is observant, he will respect the early warning signs that precede green rain: ears back and neck extended in an abnormal manner.